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What is Web Design?


What is Web Design?

The visual design and experiential aspects of a website is web design. It is the process of planning and arranging the content of a website, including the structure, layout, graphics, colours, and fonts.

Web design consists of many different elements, including graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO), and content generation. These components determine how a website appears, feels, and functions across different devices.

Why is Web Design Important?

Initial impressions are crucial, without a solid online presence, your brand is being held back.  By getting your web design right, you can ensure that every relationship that starts on your website is a positive one.  A well-designed website is one that perfectly creates the experience that your visitor wants.  

Effective Web Design Elements


  • Clear calls to action
  • Smooth navigation with clear menus
  • Responsive design – pages that resize themselves to the user’s screen
  • High quality content and images
  • Suitable fonts that are appropriately sized
  • Effective use of negative or white space
  • A suitable colour palette to reflect your brand
  • Good balance between text and images
  • Keep things simple

Web Design Elements to Avoid


  • Images and backgrounds that are distracting
  • Links and buttons that are unclear or hard to find – don’t make your visitors work to find information
  • Non responsive design
  • Irrelevant photos and images that don’t offer any value


To wrap up, web design is the experience you give to your visitors when they navigate your site. Keep things simple, easy to navigate with consistent colours, fonts and layouts throughout.

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