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5 Simple SEO Tasks To Do Every Day


5 simple SEO tasks to do every day


1. Manage your links, this involves making sure that none of your current links are dead.  You should also check if there are any sites linking to you that you don’t know about.  If your site isn’t linked to by other sites on the web, see if you can persuade other websites to link to yours (but don’t pay them to do so; it could be deemed a violation).  If you receive requests for a link exchange, respond quickly.  Not every email you receive will be a good one and you should make sure to check any site that wants you to link to it.  If you are declining a link request let the requester know why, perhaps you have an incite that they do not.  They may be able to fix a few things and then become excellent link partners in the future.

2. Optimise your site for search engines, make sure your page titles are precise and descriptive.  Good SEO practice is to put different topics, products, or services on different pages, one topic (or closely related set of items) per page.  Mention everything that you have to offer and keep your content updated to account for seasons, trends, or new offerings.

3.   Ensure your site creates a great user experience.  Provide useful context by ensuring your visual content is relevant to the page’s subject.  It is recommended that you only use photos and images when they bring unique value to the page.  Place images near relevant text whenever possible and consider putting the most important image near the top of the page.  Create informative content, good content is just as important as visual content on your website.

4. Understand page experience, a set of signals that indicate how your visitors perceive the experience of interacting with your website across all devices.  Check if your site looks good on mobile devices and desktops.  Is your site secure, are your pages served over HTTPS.  Your site will be be found higher up the rankings than those that are not.

5. Finally, you should check each feature of your website to make sure it is still working properly.  The dynamic content that you  include must be delivered properly.  Does your site show intrusive interstitials to users, particularly on mobile devices?  Pages with intrusive interstitials provide a poorer user experience than pages with immediately accessible content.  Examples include pop ups that cover the whole screen such as cookie notices, or standalone messages that the user must dismiss before being able to access the main content.


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